open agriculture supply

serving the open agriculture community

-   ABOUT US  -

We are nerdy engineers and we are foodies.  


We are passionate about the environment as well as quality, healthy food for our families.

Our Goal is to help make the MIT Open Agriculture Initiative accessible to everyone.


We sell kits, components and accessories for Open Agriculture food computers.


Coming soon - Our own open source kits, components and supplies!


Open Agriculture Supply was founded in 2016 by Ian Coll McEachern and Brandi Lovett after being compelled by Caleb Harper's TED talk.   

Open Agriculture Supply is committed to the Open Agriculture movement.  We are working to flatten the steep learning curve, technical expertise, and supplier connections needed to source many of these complex components so budding agricultural hobbyists, farmers and students can start growing their own produce with our Food Computer kits today.

Just as Open Source hardware and software triggered the growth of the 3d printer industry, we believe MIT's Open Agriculture Initiative will do the same for small, nimble and clever companies like ours to leverage this new platform to deliver exciting new products, services, resources and kits to hobbyists, parents, educators, farmers and technical professionals in this budding movement.


 Ian brings his passion and experience in product design, engineering and deep experience designing products that keep life living.  Brandi brings her desire for fresh and healthy food, environmental sustainability and her passion for plants and animals.  Together, we are highly motivated to help create a better future for our planet and loved ones.

Open Agriculture Supply is self-funded and we will expand organically as the need for our products and services grow alongside the Open Agriculture Movement.

Open Agriculture Supply is graciously supported by The Glue Factory Roseville, an iconoclastic local business incubator, as well as other local resources including the Hackerlab and Outlet Coworking.

More information on Ian Coll McEachern and his product design consulting work can be found on his website here.

Open Agriculture Supply is not endorsed by or affiliated with Mit, the MiT Media Lab, or the MiT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative.