A kit with everything you need (except the LEDs and Chiller) to build your own version 2.0 food computer.  Here is a video of the full kit displayed on our conference room table.  


For added convienance we include the following:

  • Pre Cut Plywood Base (but holes are not drilled)
  • Pre-made sheet metal components
  • All Panels are Cut with holes drilled for you
  • The Frame Tubing is cut to length (but holes are not drilled and rivnuts are not inserted)
  • Signals board with all smd components soldered.  Don't worry, you still have to solder a few simple thru-hole headers to the board.


Please note - some of the product photos depict partially or fully assembled Food Computers.  This is not an assembled Food Computer - this is a kit.


In addition to all the standard "maker" tools you will need a rivnut gun with a 1/4-20 insert and appropriate crimpers for the electrical pins.


While we are working hard to hold inventory and keep our kits in stock - we currently build to order so please allow 4 weeks for delivery.  


$175 ground shipping in the USA.  Worldwide shipping not available for the kit with panels because they are too large to cost effectivly ship internationally - please see our food computer kit without panels here.


Please inquire at info@openagriculturesupply.com for academic and volume pricing.

Food Computer 2.0 Kit - Complete Except LEDs & Chiller

  • Please note - this is a kit.  We are selling a kit of components, some components are modified by us, some are not.  It is intended for use by a hobbiest whom understands the inheirant risk involved with experimenting with such devices.  We make no guarantee, nor are we to be held accountable, for any consequence of the use of this kit.