Our first product!

We have taken all the essential electronics and fit them into a single, well organized, protected box. All of the custom "hacked" electronics and components needed for a food computer are included (except the sensors).

We have designed our box to allow you to use any type of fan, heater, humidifier, air pump, water pump, and sensor you choose. You can connect any off the shelf heater, humidifier, etc that meets the needs of your particular food computer, or you can start with the MIT Open Agriculture Initiative recommended components (which you can also get on our store!)

All you need to add is a little elbow grease (mainly mounting components and connecting wires), the sensors and the off the shelf components (heater, humidifier, pumps, etc) of your choice.

Open Agriculture Supply Outdoor Box Kit - Beta

    • pre-drilled sealed box
    • gfci protected outlet
    • raspberry pi with current open agriculture initiative software pre-loaded on an 4-8gb microsd card
    • arduino *note - we do not include the arduino pictured, we will be including an equivalent ximico mega 2560 board
    • arduino ac relay shields (2x)
    • arduino grove shield
    • arduino proto shield
    • ac cables
    • water resistant ac cable feedthroughs
    • water resistant usb and ethernet feedthroughs
    • all hardware, standoffs, etc.
    • detailed instructions
  • Please note - this is a kit.  We are selling a kit of components, some components are modified by us, some are not.  It is intended for use by a hobbiest whom understands the inheirant risk involved with experimenting with such devices.  We make no guarantee, nor are we to be held accountable, for any consequence of the use of this kit.