An OpenAg Signal PCB V1.1 pre-populated with all the difficult to solder surface mount components, as well as many of the connectors.  We have left the soldering of the Arduino Headers, and the Ribbon Cable Header up to you so that you may decide which side of the board you would like yours on.  All the needed headers are included.


Currently we are able to offer these with 4 week lead time as these boards are built to order.  We are working hard to be able to hold stock and offer quicker shipping to the Open Agriculture community very soon!


Please inquire at for academic and volume discounts.

Food Computer Signal PCB V1.1 - (nearly) Fully Assembled PCBA

  • Please note - this is a kit.  We are selling a kit of components, some components are modified by us, some are not.  It is intended for use by a hobbiest whom understands the inheirant risk involved with experimenting with such devices.  We make no guarantee, nor are we to be held accountable, for any consequence of the use of this kit.