MVP Food Computer!

Working hard together with many of the great folks working on the MiT OpenAg Platform here is our version of the Open Agriculture MVP Food Computer. Standing for "minimum viable product" this is a vastly simplified Food Computer which incorporates the essential functions, sensing and control while still being as versatile as possible.

Starting with an off the shelf, 6 plug metal cased power strip I added a custom 3d printed enclosure on the back. With this arrangement we are able to have two "always on" AC outlets, and 4 relay switched AC outlets - all available right on the front of the power strip.

Current Completaaaae Setup in an off-the-shelf grow tent

Current complete setup in an off the shelf grow tent and GrowBlade™ flat panel grow light.

Front view of MVP Food Computer Prototype.

Top view of MVP Food Computer Prototype - Hanging holes and USB and Ethernet ports.

Bottom view of MVP Food Computer Prototype - Camera Window and Temperature/Humidity Sensor Port.

Web Interface - Temperature Graph

Web Interface - Camera


Raspberry Pi 3

4 channel relay board


Adafruit Breakout board w/ SI7021 Temp/Humidity Sensor

Metal Case Power Strip

Off the Shelf Grow Tent

Small AC Fan (For Circulation within the tent)

6" AC Duct Fan (For Exhaust)

Aquarium Air Pump

Submersible Pump

GrowBlade™ flat panel grow light

CAD Files, more in depth build notes, and kits for sale soon!


OpenAg MVP v1.0 (see below) running on raspberry pi noobs


Of course the MiT OpenAg Initiative -

OpenAg MVP Github -

OpenAg Forum MVP Thread -

Our build files will be available soon


1 - At the moment the camera script isn't operating correctly. We are using the Picamera and so have to modify the MVP software a bit to get it working correctly. The camera interface image above was manually taken with the picamera command prompt commands and copied into the webserver folder.

2 - In the middle of the build I got tired of removing and replacing the Raspberry Pi from the enclosure, so I updated the enclosure to include access to the HDMI port mid-build. This is a common theme and design lesson in my career- it's important to design with debugging in mind. Perhaps someday I'll take it to heart.

Immediate Future Goals

1 - Get the webserver and port forwarding setup so that we can share at least one, if not many, of our MVPs with the world.

2 - Setup an MVP outdoor on our (way too hot) patio connected to a mist cooling fan I have so that we can cool our outdoor plants in the hot California summer days.

3 - Grow food!

4 - Document, share and offer kits for the Food Computer MVP Power Strip.

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